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Shabbat Services

Our main weekly service begins at 9:30 am. It is recited primarily in Hebrew, with the inclusion of English readings and prayers, the Rabbi's sermon, and sometimes discussions presented by other members and scholars. We are a Conservative egalitarian synagogue and read Torah on a triennial cycle. Men and women share service participation. Members are encouraged to read Torah, chant Haftarah, and/or lead the Preliminary, Shacharit and/or Musaf services. Members are encouraged to participate in a way that is comfortable for them.

A variety of other opportunities are available for service attendees in addition to leading a service, such as opening the Aron Hakodesh (The Holy Ark), carrying the Torah, or witnessing the Torah recitation. Our Cantor is present to lead the Shacharit and Musaf on at least two Shabbat mornings per month. If you would like to participate in a Shabbat service, please contact Rabbi Kobrin


SWBOnce per month, usually on the same date as Shabbat with a Backbeat, a service with full Torah reading and repetition of the Musaf amidah takes place in the upstairs chapel in the Mizel Building. Minyan Masorti is led by volunteers, and everyone is welcome and encouraged to sign up for a role.

To sign up, please visit the Minyan Masorti Sign-up Doc .

At the end of the Parallel Service and the service in the main sanctuary, our whole community will join together in the social hall for Kiddush.










Shabbat Tables

Shabbat Tables for webShabbat Tables is a Shabbat dinner gathering with the traditional blessings and no formal service. Member hosts are paired with guests who express an interest in attending. The host(s) provides the main dish, while guests are given food assignments. Rabbi Kobrin provides hosts with a topic for discussion, which becomes the focal point of an informal dinner discussion. Shabbat Tables offers adult dinner gatherings, as well as "family-friendly" gatherings.  Please contact Shabbat Tables if you are interested in being a host or guest.

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