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The Rodef Shalom Disability and  Inclusion Committee strives to ensure that Rodef Shalom is inclusive of individuals of all abilities, that these individuals feel a sense of belonging, and that these individuals and their families can comfortably and fully participate in religious and communal life. When we speaks of ‘disability’, we are speaking of individuals with a wide range of differing abilities and needs- i.e. those with both visible and invisible disabilities- including but not limited to individuals with physical, intellectual or developmental disabilities, mental health challenges, learning differences, severe food allergies, accident, trauma or illness related disabilities, and those encountering challenges of aging.

In the fall of 2018, we were pleased to be selected as a Jewish Disabilities Advocates (JDA) site and will be working closely with a JDA consultant for 3 years as we develop our inclusion plans.  To date, we have conducted a survey of our entire membership and informational interviews with our Board of Directors, other key leaders, and the staff.  This information will be used as we develop our plan which will have three domains: structural and tangible, policies and practices, and community awareness and engagement.

We want the community to be aware of the following accommodations that are currently available at Congregation Rodef Shalom:

Access to the Building:Top of Form

  • We have several handicap designated parking spots in our lot.
  • There is a ramp from the parking lot to the sanctuary entrance, the south entrance to the building.  This handicap accessible entrance is open on Shabbat. During the week, you can ring the doorbell and a staff person will assist you. 
  • There is a mezuzah at wheel chair height at our entrances.

In the Sanctuary:

  • We have assistive hearing devices to enhance sound and magnifiers to help with the small print in the prayer books.
  • There is a ramp leading up to the Bimah for those who are unable to navigate the stairs and we have accessible seating areas for individuals with wheelchairs and walkers and those who attend with them.


  •  We strive to have gluten free and vegan food options at Kiddush and other programs.
  • We share tips for inclusion to our members throughout the year and at special holidays like Passover.
  • During February, we recognize JDAIM, Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month, and provide programs for our youth and present speakers from the pulpit on Shabbat.

Preschool and Passport to Jewish Learning (our youth education program)

Whenever possible, we strive to meet the needs of all of our children.  Parents are encouraged to share any special needs their children might have with Ally Spanbauer, Preschool Director or Dawn Spector, Director of Youth Education

If you or a family member have specific concerns regarding your or your family members’ ability to participate in a specific Rodef Shalom program or activity, please contact Terri  Richardson or call the synagogue office  303-399-0035.

The Rodef Shalom Disability Awareness and Inclusion Committee meets monthly.  Contact Debbie Rosenthal,, or Amy Finkelstein, if you would like to get involved.

Thu, October 29 2020 11 Cheshvan 5781