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Bloom Youth Scholarship Fund

Scholarships are available through the Bloom Scholarship Fund for Rodef Shalom youth who would like to take an organized study tour to Israel this summer, or attend a Jewish Summer Camp, but are unable to afford the full expense.  Please note that the maximum scholarship amount is $1,000. 

Students who have completed Rodef Shalom's Confirmation program, are eligible for a scholarship for IST or other similar Israel  tours regardless of need. 

Criteria for scholarship awards for Teen Israel Experiences

  1. Parents of the applicant must be members of Rodef Shalom.
  2. Applicant must be a participant in, or graduate of, one or more Hebrew educational programs including post Bar/Bat Mitzvah classes, the Confirmation Program, Denver Jewish Day School Hebrew Immersion Program, or the Upper School at Denver Jewish Day School.
  3. Confirmation is a pre-requisite for the Israel Trip scholarships.  The scholarship will be awarded no earlier than the end of the confirmation program. 
  4. An approved applicant is expected to remain active and/or render service to the synagogue following receipt of a scholarship.  This may involve assisting with future Scholarship fund events such as speaking or writing about your experience and volunteer work with the Religious School or Shabbat School.  Parents may fulfill this expectation by volunteering at synagogue.
  5. Must have demonstrated a commitment to educational and youth activities in the Jewish community.
  6. Teens should submit an essay detailing their expectations for their experience.
  7. Must use the funds for an approved trip, including Israel Study Tour, USY Israel Pilgrimage or another facilitated peer-based program that is deemed by the Committee to be of equal educational value.  A private or family tour would not be considered for the award.


Criteria for scholarship awards for Jewish Summer Camps

  1. Parents of the applicant must be full members of Rodef Shalom
  2. Parents should submit a brief summary describing the need for financial assistance after other available awards, stipends, and scholarships from other sources have been considered. (This summary is included in the application.) 


Post B’nai Mitzvah applicants should include their Bloom Scholarship Certificate.


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