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We invite you to join us and become a member of Congregation Rodef Shalom. Pray, learn, grow, and celebrate with us!

If you would like to learn more about Congregation Rodef Shalom or discuss membership, please reach out to Amy Berkowitz Caplan, Executive Director. For current members with membership billing questions, please contact Cate Sawyer, Operations Manager.  

Membership Contribution 2024–2025

The current membership year runs from June 1, 2024–May 31, 2025. 

L'Chaim Membership: 

L’Chaim members  are eligible to receive the Colorado Childcare Contribution Tax Credit. The credit allows donors to receive a 50% credit on their Colorado income taxes, meaning that you can give twice as much!  If your membership contribution rate is $5,000, you'll receive a $2,500 Colorado State credit! 

If you are not familiar with the 5C program, please click here. Please be sure to consult with your accountant/tax advisor on how the Colorado Childcare Contribution Credit may benefit you. 

Family L'Chaim Rate: Patron: $5,400, Benefactor: $7,200, Pillar: $10,000+

Individual L'Chaim Rate:  Patron: $2,700, Benefactor: $3,600, Pillar: $5,500+

L'Chaim members enjoy special events throughout the year as well as other benefits. (R School tuition is no longer a benefit for L'Chaim members.) 

Family Membership Rate: $3,180. Please note that membership at this level is tax deductible but not eligible for the 5C tax credit. 

Individual Membership Rate: $1,800

Preschool Membership Rate: $2,000. The preschool family rate will be discontinued in 2025–2026. Member families will continue to receive a 10% discount with the exception of Infant Room families.  

Individuals may work directly with our Executive Director,  Amy Berkowitz Caplan, for a modified rate based on each's members specific situation.   We welcome members regardless of the ability to pay. Please contact Amy at 303-399-0035 if you would like to discuss a modified membership level. 

Please note that the above figures do not include tuition for Rodef Shalom’s R•School, USY, or other related programs. Membership contributions that are not L'Chaim, may be paid through IRAs, stocks, and DAFs as well as by check, ACH, cash, or credit card.  

If you have questions about the membership contribution levels, please call the office at 303-399-0035.

Membership Form

We look forward to your membership in our Rodef Shalom community. So that we readily have your information available as needed, kindly complete your application as thoroughly as possible.  If you do not have all the information at this time, please email us directly when you have it. Your cooperation is appreciated - thank you!






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To pay your membership dues, we offer the following:
Payment Options - ACH, Credit Card, Check, Stock Transfer
Payment Schedules - Monthly, Quarterly, Annually

Please know that finances should never be a barrier to membership. Please contact Amy Berkowitz Caplan to discuss options for dues modifications. For non-dues related questions, please contact the main office.


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