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Adult Learning Classes

Adult learning at Rodef Shalom consists of a variety of formal and informal opportunities for both members and those who live in the community.  Our listings speak to the diversity of interests, backgrounds, and levels of knowledge. 

Rabbi’s Classes

Rabbi Gerson offers two regular classes, each of which meets several times per month and affords participants an opportunity to engage in study and conversation over classical texts.

Adult Talmud Study (Sunday mornings, 10:30-11:30 am)

Participants meet 2-3 times per month with Rabbi Gerson to read and discuss Tractate Shabbat, our third tractate covered since the inception of this class 15 years ago.  All texts are available in translation, and some preparation is expected, in order to make maximal use of our time together.

Tanakh & Tabloids (Thursday mornings, 11:00 am - noon)

This is a very popular class of adults who wish to have a forum for discussing current events and also study Biblical text. Participants meet weekly and bring topics of current interest concerning Jewish identity, the State of Israel, and more, to a conversation moderated by Rabbi Gerson.  At the halfway mark of the hour, we shift gears and open our Bibles to study one chapter of text, the selection of which is derived from surveys of the class members.  Guests and "drop-in's" are always welcome!

The Ethical Life: Jewish Values in an Age of Choice (to be offered in the late Winter of 2018)

From political and financial scandals to rapid progress in biomedical science and technology, the complex issues of modern society are, at their core, issues of ethical and moral concern. Now more than ever, we require a solid understanding of how Jewish ethics can inform our discussions and decisions about the critical questions of the day.  Judaism has a long history of wrestling with moral questions, responding to them in a way that considers all sides of an issue.

complete, turnkey course for adult learners gives rabbis and educators the resources to facilitate nuanced communal conversations grappling with today’s most pressing ethical dilemmas. It includes videos featuring JTS faculty, other expert scholars, and practitioners in the field; classical and contemporary texts; an extensive leader’s guide; and additional resources online.

Bein Adam L’Chaveiro: Our Duty Towards Others (Slated to be offered in the Spring of 2018) 

Rabbi Gerson will glean from several years of study and reflection about the purpose of religion and the mandate of Jews as “people of faith” to relate to each other and care for those who are less fortunate. We will examine Biblical and Rabbinic passages as well as case scenarios.



For those seeking a broad and basic presentation of Jewish history, culture, and practice, the Rocky Mountain Rabbinical Council offers, three times per year, a Thursday evening course taught by community rabbis that meets for 26 weeks.  This course is especially useful for those who are either marrying into a Jewish family and/or seeking to convert to Judaism.  Couples may participate for one tuition price.  

For further information, please visit the Intro. to Judaism website at 


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