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Volunteer Opportunities at the Pozez JCC in Fairfax | Pozez Jewish  Community Center of Northern VirginiaTo every single last volunteer, Thank You.  Rodef Shalom has the reputation of having a large and deeply motivated volunteer base. Your contributions to Rodef are why we are here today.   The hours that have been put into every aspect of Rodef ensures that we will be here tomorrow for our children’s children. Your time and patience with group collaborative work is inspiring.  The dedication of Rodef’s powerful advocates and strong donors of time ensures that Rodef is big enough to take care of both Rodef Members and our community at large.  We believe in and support our volunteers because they are making a difference in our community, and they are not simply filling a role.  Rodef’s volunteers are flat out impressive and inspiring.  We have many committees and representative positions that range from being short term concepts to long standing commitments.   We know that the right volunteer is much more likely to respond to a specific role that uses specific talents or that leads to specific outcomes, therefore, active needs first.  

Please see the directory for all contact information not listed.

We actively seeking:

Rodef Ambassador Program
Membership is hard at work creating a welcoming first year for our brand new members.  The way that we welcome people is personal and wide ranging.  As an ambassador, you can personalize how you do this and can expect a list of ideas on how to care for our new members.  Please contact your Membership Chair, Hannah Baldwin.

Welcome Basket/Packets
We need volunteers to help put together welcome baskets and organize delivery.  If you love meeting new people and welcoming them, this is the place for you.  Please contact your Membership Chair, Hannah Baldwin

Chesed Committee Members
Love to comfort and help people when they need it most? The Chesed Committee may be right for you.  Acts of chesed (loving kindness), such as organizing and providing meals, transportation, calls, and personal visits, help us to make meaningful connections to each other in our congregation and beyond. Our goal is to mark the joyful moments in our lives, comfort the bereaved in meaningful ways, and provide support to all members of our community during times of need. Each situation is personal and unique therefore we operate under the guidance and confidentiality of Rabbi Kobrin.  Volunteer your support by reaching out to

Habitat For Humanity Representative
Rodef needs one person to go to the Habitat Interfaith Alliance (HIA) meetings and represent Rodef as a committee member of the HIA. This person would then relay back to Rodef the projects/programs HIA is working on.  Please contact Nora Murell for more information.

Do you have real estate or construction related experience? 
We have a variety of short term and long term projects that your experience could be useful.  Please contact Jason Moses

Are you interested in Rodef’s security and security training? 
Please contact Gerald Falchook.  

Do you have a background in finance, estate planning, taxes, or accountancy? 
Please contact our board treasurer Jason Steele.

Other on-going ways to be involved:

Dale Marcus is instrumental in making sure that each Shabbat we have a correcting Gabbai and a Haftorah reader for services. If you would like to participate in one or both of these roles, please contact Dale Marcus.

Sean Sanford ensures that we have greeters at the door for every shabbat. If you would like to participate, please contact Sean Sanford.

 Mira Zevin ensures that each Shabbat we have a calling Gabbai reader for services.  If you would like to participate, please contact Mira Zevin.

Do you simply love learning?  Joyce Raynor is our adult education chair.  We are thrilled with a brand new upcoming educational line up, please contact Joyce for more information. 

The following are some of our longest-standing committees:

The Education Committee
Are you passionate about ensuring that Rodef has a vibrant childhood education program?  Jewish education influences Jewish identity, engagement, and continuity.  This committee provides a vision, roadmap, and support system to Rodef’s education staff and programming.  For more information, please contact Rena Dulberg.

The Mental Health Committee
considers itself a legacy committee within Rodef that is devoted to ensuring that the Jewish values of welcoming all, walking with one another on our journeys, caring for the ill, and reaching out to repair the world are in fact more than words on a paper.  This committee is year around socially active within Rodef and our community.  This group always is welcoming new members as their ambitious goals need many hands.  For more information, please contact Rabbi Sandra Cohen.

provides year around programs and events within our Rodef Community for members age 60 and up.   For more information, please contact Fran Cohen.

The Rodef Shalom Disability and Inclusion Committee
has partnered with Jewish Family Service of Colorado Jewish Disabilities Advocates to create disability awareness, promote inclusion, and ensure Jews with disabilities and their families can participate fully in a rich Jewish life. Our Disability Awareness and Inclusion Committee works closely with the JFS Jewish Disabilities Advocates Advisor to address structural changes, policies and practices, and community awareness and engagement designed to further inclusion.   For more information, please contact Bonnie Merenstein or Janet Smith.

Rodfei Tzedek’s focus is social justice. 
This large umbrella concept is currently focused on working with Together Colorado to help Colorado create and sustain affordable housing.  If you are interested in the legal, historical, and future aspects of housing, please contact Laurie Kagan.

Please contact Nora Murrell at for all current volunteer and committee-related topics.

Wed, December 7 2022 13 Kislev 5783