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King Soopers Cards

For the past several years, we have asked that you purchase reloadable King Soopers cards as a way of fundraising for Rodef Shalom.  Now, this effort will be much easier by using just your King Sooper loyalty card (Sooper Card)!  You will never again have to go to customer service or online to reload your card!  If you do not have a King Soopers loyalty card, go to and apply for an account by going to the “Welcome Sign In” link in the upper right corner of the website, and then click on the “Create an Account” link.

If you already have a Sooper Card/Loyalty Card, go to and Sign In on the upper right corner of the homepage.  Once logged into your King Soopers account, you will be directed to a page called “Account Summary”. On the left side of the page is a link called “Community Rewards”. That link will take you to the page where they can link your account to Congregation Rodef Shalom. You can search for Congregation Rodef Shalom either by name or our organization number which is BM436, and then click Enroll.  It’s as simple as that!  From that point forward, each time you swipe your Sooper Card or key in your Alt ID, a percentage of your purchase will go to benefit Rodef Shalom.

If you have any difficulty with enrolling, contact King Soopers at 303-698-3403.

If you still have money on reloadable King Soopers cards, they will continue to be honored, but you will no longer be able to reload them when they are empty.

Thank you for continuing to support Congregation Rodef Shalom just by doing your grocery shopping!

Follow the five easy steps below to support our shul when you shop at Kings Soopers:


  1. Login to your King Soopers Account at (if you don't have an account already you will need to set one up on the website first)




  1. Go to My Account:



  1. Go to Community Rewards


  1. Enter “BM436” in the Find an Organization box





  1. Select Enroll in the Congregation Rodef Shalom box




Now everytime you shop at King Soopers you also support Rodef Shalom.
Thank you for taking advantage of this opportunity. As always, we appreciate your support.

Sat, September 18 2021 12 Tishrei 5782