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Yom Rivii, 7 Tishri 5775

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High Holy Days are a time for reflection, introspection, prayer, and re-connection. We welcome you to join us in celebrating and observing these special Holy days. We offer a variety of services to meet the spiritual needs of our diverse community. Please see our Schedule of Services for a list of dates, times, and locations of services. 

Come share the spirit and wisdom of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. These Holy Days are a time of prayer, music, reflection and learning. Come and join our congregational family for a spiritually deep High Holy Day experience.

Unique Happenings:


2nd Day Rosh Hashanah
We shall begin with Shacharit and Torah Reading from 9:00-10:45 AM in the Sanctuary. This year, for the first time, we are offering two "break-out" options from 10:45-11:30 AM...

"Prophetic Inspiration & 
Healing Service with instrumental accompaniment", led by Rabbi Gerson & Cantor Saul Rosenthal in the Sanctuary or "The Big Bang That Comes Every Year", an interactive study for adults and teens led by Dr. Sarah Levy in the Library.

The Sanctuary Service will then resume with the Shofar and Musaf Service at 11:30 AM.


Special Tot
Special Tot High Holy Day program featuring Tefillah Toucan and Crew. First Day Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur at 11:00 AM. Kids meal followed by Tot musical services for tots and their parents.



Babysitting and Kehilat Rodef Religious School
Babysitting for children from newborn thru age 3 and Kehilat Rodef Religious School for students ages 4-10. 



       Babysitting Form

   Religious School Form


Rosh Hashanah Honey Bags
The Honey Bags are a wonderful gift for our members that also serves as a fundraiser for the Synagogue. Prior to Rosh Hashanah, our cadre of volunteers work together to assemble bags for each of our members filled with honey, honey candy, information about the holiday, and other things. Boxes are available to mail to loved ones outside the Denver area as well. It is a wonderful opportunity to work with a bunch of great people, and to send to everyone wishes for a sweet new year. 


Members of  the  congregation  will automatically receive their High Holy Day tickets upon meeting  dues  payment  requirements  for  each  adult  member  of  your  household  and dependent children over the age of 18 (Children 17 years old and under do not require a ticket).  Members are also welcome to purchase additional tickets for other relatives and guests at a discount rate. 

If you are not a member of the congregation and not yet ready to make that commitment, please contact our Executive Director, Michele Campbell  or call (303) 399-0035 to discuss ways to secure tickets.

We look forward to sharing a wonderful High Holy Days together!

Upcoming Week


Wed, Oct, 01, 7:30 pm
Education Committee Meeting


Thu, Oct, 02, 4:30 pm
Kehilat Rodef Religious School Enrichment


Fri, Oct, 03,
Kol Nidre


Fri, Oct, 03, 6:30 pm
Kol Nidre Services


Sat, Oct, 04,
Yom Kippur/Yizkor


Sat, Oct, 04, 8:30 am
Yom Kippur Services/Yizkor

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Shabbat Times

Yom Rivii, 7 Tishri 5775


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