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Yom Rivii, 9 Sivan 5775

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Special person breakfast, any special person is welcome to join the teachers  and children for breakfast. 

Mothers Day Dessert
, all mothers and grandmothers are welcome to join us for a special dessert in honor of them. The children will share gifts and enjoy eating sweets with their moms and the moms with have an opportunity to socialize with the other moms.

Pre-Kindergarten Graduation will be at held at Rodef Shalom culminating the children's experiences and sending them off to Kindergarten. Families are encouraged to join the Pre-Kindergarten class in commencement ceremony. Treats will follow the ceremony

Summer Camp begins. The first session starts , join us for the Wild, Wild West. Cowpokes, horses, cows, and cattle drives! We'll learn about everything from trail mix to rodeos!

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Shabbat Times

Yom Rivii, 9 Sivan 5775


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