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Yom Chamishi, 24 Nisan 5774

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The Board of Directors is the managing body and trustee of the Congregation and is responsible for assuring the financial health of Rodef Shalom. A Nominating Committee presents a slate of officers and board members for election at the annual meeting. A term of office is two years, and officers and board members are limited to two congruent terms in any one position. Officers must have served on the Board of Directors at least one year (at any time) before election to the Executive Committee, to be eligible to serve as an officer.

The Board of Directors and committees at Rodef Shalom are vital to the health and growth of the congregation. Current committees include Membership & Marketing, Finance, Nominating, Ritual, Education, Programming, Social Action and many others.

The Rodef Shalom culture is one of cooperation, collaboration and community input. Through participation on the board or committees, our members have an opportunity to share their voice concerning plans, programs and policies of our synagogue and to participate in its future.

The board and committees, in partnership with our staff, help accomplish the mission of our congregation. Committee members may be recruited by the committee chairs, and congregants are also encouraged to contact the President, Vice-Presidents, or committee chairs directly to discuss their interest in serving on a committee.

Carl Boymel President
Adam Sack Vice President
 (Rotating Basis) Secretary
Lenny Kark Treasurer
Ron Rubin Immediate Past President
Board Members - Irv Borenstein, Paul Bogan, Haidi Demain, Mark Eagle, Lindsay Gardner, Allan Kantrowitz, Alan Katz, Marcus Oginsky, Simona Yuffa

Our members often share how important participation on committees is to helping them connect with other members and the life of our congregation. Your involvement is deeply encouraged.

2014 Letter to Membership

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Thu, Apr, 24, 11:00 am
Tanakh & Tabloids


Thu, Apr, 24, 4:30 pm
Kehilat Rodef Mishmar / Daber Ivrit


Thu, Apr, 24, 6:30 pm
After ITJ Class with Rabbi Gerson


Fri, Apr, 25, 6:30 pm
Kabbalat Shabbat @ Home


Sat, Apr, 26, 9:00 am
Shul-Bucks Shabbat Coffee House


Sat, Apr, 26, 9:30 am
Shabbat Services

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Yom Chamishi, 24 Nisan 5774


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