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Yom Shabbat, 8 Nisan 5775

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The Board of Directors is the managing body and trustee of the Congregation and is responsible for assuring the financial health of Rodef Shalom.

The Board of Directors and committees at Rodef Shalom are vital to the health and growth of the congregation. There are currently over 20 committees covering everything from membership, marketing and finance to ritual, education, programming, and social action. If you are interested in joining a committee, please click here to download the full list.

The Rodef Shalom culture is one of cooperation, collaboration and community input. Through participation on the board or committees, our members have an opportunity to share their voice concerning plans, programs and policies of our synagogue and to participate in its future.

The board and committees, in partnership with our staff, help accomplish the mission of our congregation.  

Marty Zimmerman President
Mark Eagle Vice President
Michael Raizen Secretary
Elaine Tinter Treasurer
Carl Boymel Immediate Past President

Board Members: Gayle Bush, Joel Friedlander, Lindsay Gardner, 
Mina Goldstein, Ileene Green, Marcus Oginsky, David Ross, 
Simone Yuffa

Our members often share how important participation on committees is to helping them connect with other members and the life of our congregation. Your involvement is deeply encouraged.

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Yom Shabbat, 8 Nisan 5775


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